Inspired by the rustbelt-nautical aesthetic of the north coast, Shore Society seeks to reflect this unique lakefront lifestyle. We borrow from classic iconography and blend it with modern colors and sensibility – all with a handmade touch. We're here to help you express your love for our lakes and beaches in a unique and stylish way. 

Shore Society began in 2012 with our signature "Lake Erie Love" print, and has since grown into a product line of apparel, prints, and gifts. Our products are carried locally at these retailers, and have been featured in Lake Erie Living and Cleveland Magazine. You can read the full story of how SS came to be right here.

Photo:  The Upspeak Collective

Photo: The Upspeak Collective


Rachael grew up along Lake Erie, and has felt a constant and deep connection to the North Coast region all her life. Hearing stories of the rich and layered history of Cleveland's coastline has been a part of her upbringing and continues to inspire her. 

The park behind her childhood home in Bay Village was a landing spot during Prohibition, when smugglers would bring alcohol across the lake from Canada. If you listen closely to the sound of the waves, you can almost picture the scene unfolding. Bay was also home to Eliot Ness at one point, so the element of crime and darkness has added an influence of edge to her work. Lake Erie was one of her first loves, as it was for many others, and she hopes to help other lake enthusiasts express it with pride.

Rachael currently lives in Lakewood with her husband and their dog, Cooper. Most of her time is spent on various DIY projects, baking cookies, and her full-time job designing greeting cards. As evidenced by her designs, she enjoys hanging out by bodies of water, biking, and drinking beer (also by bodies of water). 


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