Illustrated Wedding Invitation for Meghan + Nate

One of my favorite couples ever – Meghan and Nate – are getting married (so soon!) and I was thrilled to complete their stationery suite with these custom invitations, which complemented the Save the Dates I designed a few months ago.

They are getting married in a tree-filled NYC park, and wanted their invitation to combine the elements of a cityscape with the nature of the park. We decided on a palette that reflects the early fall feeling of September – neutral beige, mustard, and berry tones pair perfectly with the kraft RSVP envelope and info tag.

The star of the show is the invite, so we kept the rest of the pieces simple and sophisticated, with just the right dose of lightheartedness (a Mad Libs RSVP card is very fitting for these two)! The bride, being ever-so-crafty herself, chose the cutest combinations of stamps for each envelope. After months of hard work and collaboration with them, I was super excited to get my invite in the mail.

Counting down the days till this awesome NYC wedding!

Free Printable Valentines

Happy Monday – and February, everyone!

Hope you've all recovered from your Super Bowl comas, and are ready for dessert! Valentine dessert, that is. The season of love is the season of sweets – so, it's kind of my favorite. To spread the love, I have some free printable Valentines for you. So save your money for candy – all you have to do is hit print and cut them out! 

These are perfect for friends or family, and can nicely accompany whatever treats you're giving out at work or school. The printable file is letter sized, and each Valentine is single-sided and fits an A2 envelope (about 3.75x5"). I recommend printing on a white or cream cardstock for best results. Click the link below to download the file, and be sure to let me know if you run into download or print issues. ENJOY, feel free to share, and have a lovely Monday!
Click here to download the printable file.

Toothakers Wedding Print

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating a custom print for the lovely Kayla Coleman's wedding. She wanted a fun tooth print for their guests to sign as they united as the Toothakers—isn't that so cute? We incorporated their wedding colors into the print and left the tooth blank for signatures. 

Kayla wanted the print to be the first thing guests see when they enter their home, and recently shared this photo with me of the final result. The frame she chose is beautiful and I love this cute vignette in their home! The print was printed and framed by Canvas on Demand, and the photo is credited to Kayla, who is an amazing photographer herself. 

Thank you, Kayla, for giving me the opportunity to create something special for you! I love hearing how couples are adding personalized touches to their weddings. What are some of the cutest things you've seen lately?

Holiday Ornaments

Happy {Cyber} Monday everyone!

I am trying not to get overwhelmed by holiday deals, but can I help myself when a 50% off sale is happening? But I digress...

Now that the turkey and stuffing has settled, it's totally time for Christmas mode. We put our tree up on Friday and didn't waste any time decorating—I've never decorated so early, but I think having Thanksgiving so late made me ready to move on to the holiday season.

I'm happy to have a collection of hand-painted ornaments up in the shop, as well as on display in Made in the 216. They're all delightfully simple and have gold metallic details—and the monograms especially make for a great gift topper. I plan on using them to personalize gifts for friends.

 Have you started shopping and decorating yet? Are you totally feeling the holiday love this year?

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm looking forward to a night of hard cider and Trick-or-Treating at the house. All of our neighbors come out and I love seeing all of the kids' cute costumes. I seriously look forward to Halloween all year! I'm a dork.

Hope you all have something fun planned, or at least have some treats to enjoy tonight. I've been eating so much candy corn lately that it's showing up in my doodles—so I went ahead and channeled my craving into this pattern.

Happy haunting!

Beer Sweet Beer

There are few things in this world I love more than beer. Close to the top are actually the things that make great partners with beer — namely pizza, burgers, anything salty, and summer. I'm craving summer so badly, it feels like torture.

For now, all I can do is stare at this print and dream. I recently got a tip from a pal that spotted it over on the Food Network blog for a St. Patrick's Day round-up — super exciting! If you're feeling like a lush, you can head over here to get yourself one, to further tempt you into warmer days.

What's your favorite summer beer? Do you see it in the print?


Some bright blooms to start a nice spring week...hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. My mom and I did some shopping and enjoyed some burgers (and fries!) at B Spot. What did you do for your mom?

Crab Pattern

It's March 1st and it seems like spring weather is starting to break through! Although it's been so mild this winter, it feels like now that February is behind us, so is the worst of it.

I made a little crab pattern the other day and it really made me smile and think of all the fun I have eating these little guys in the summer (sorry crabs).

The first time I ever even tried crab, they were straight out of the ocean—I had to crack them open and gut them myself! It was a little intense for me but it opened the door for my love affair with crab legs. It's one of my favorite summer staples—along with watermelon, corn, beer, and a good burger. What are your favorite summer eats? 

Mozart + Fizzy

My friend Alexandra recently asked me to create a portrait of her much-loved kitties to give to her man for Valentine's Day. I've already been able to follow the lives of these two through her Instagram, so doing research was easy, plus she provided me with a long—er, EPIC—email about their personalities and likes/dislikes. So the heart, squirrel, bird feeder, and mouse toy were all a part of what makes these two special.

The art started with some watercolor washes, and the piece was finished digitally.

I'm so happy with how it came out, and it makes me even MORE happy since she loves it. I've done a few of these lately and I'm really loving it. So if you have a furry friend that you'd like to turn into a portrait, drop me a line!