DIY: Elastic Hair Ties

I was this close to buying a set of hair elastics from Anthropologie a while back, but stopped short after I saw the price tag. $12 for only FIVE? Yikes! I put them back, thinking I could find them cheaper elsewhere, until I found a couple of tutorials online and decided to make them myself.

This was ridiculously easy, and I was able to make about 45 hair ties for only $11 (take that, Anthropologie).


Foldover elastic in 5/8" size - as many yards and whatever colors you'd like. Each yard makes about 4 hair ties. I purchased my elastic here.

Sharp scissors



Measure and cut a piece of elastic (flat) to 8.25". If you have thicker hair, add another quarter or half inch. Also something to note: the glitter elastics seem to be less stretchy than the solids, so I added a half inch to those. Otherwise, they wouldn't fit on my wrist!

Tie ends in a knot, leaving about half-inch sized tails, and trim ends together at an angle.

Using a lighter, you'll seal the ends to keep them from fraying. Hold the flame close to the ends, without touching them. You'll see the fibers melt a little, creating a finished edge.

And you're done! This is an easy, mindless thing to do while crushing through episodes of Homeland (obsessed with that show) or whatever you please :) I love these ties because they don't leave a big crease in your hair, and they look cuter on your wrist for those emergency ponytails. Hopefully this saves you a couple bucks, too, because I know I won't ever be buying these!